How to Put on a Tie

by Josh Abbott

A step-by-step guide on how to properly put on a tie. By: Josh Abbott


  • 1 Button up shirt w/ collar
  • 1 Tie
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Button up your shirt, and fold the collar up.

    Step 2

    Wrap the tie around neck. The wide end should be about twice as long as the small end.

    Step 3

    Wrap the wide end over the smaller end.

    Step 4

    Lift the small end and bring the wide end under.

    Step 5

    Once again, wrap the wide end over the small end.

    Step 6

    Bring the wide end up through the neck loop.

    Step 7

    Pull the wide end through the loop you made in step 5.

    Step 8

    Tighten by pulling down the wide end. Adjust knot to your liking using the small end.

    Step 9

    Fold collar down to hide the neck loop, and you are finished.