How to Put on a Full Face of Makeup

by Krista Williams


  • Moisturizer (Amber Sun Flashback)
  • Highlighter (Benefit Girl Meets Pearl)
  • Foundation (Lancôme dual finish Matte Buff II)
  • Concealer (benefit Boi-ing)
  • Eye shadow primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance)
  • Base Shadow (Benefit-Big beautiful eyes kit)
  • Contour shadow-(Benefit-Big beautiful eyes kit)
  • Crease shadow (MAC- black pigment)
  • Bronzer-(Too Faced poolside Primping Sun Bunny)
  • Eyebrow Pencil ( Cover girl midnight brown)
  • Eyeliner (CoverGirl black brown)
  • Mascara (Benefit badgal lash/Too Faced LashGasm)
  • Lipstick (Estée Lauder beige)
  • Lip Gloss (Benefit life on the a list)
  • Various makeup brushes
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    These are my favorite products.

    Step 2

    My tools

    Step 3

    Start with a clean face. Yes I have two blemishes and not pretty with no makeup

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Apply a small amount of moisturizer all over

    Step 6

    Apply highlighter Blend onto middle of forehead, tops of cheeks , between eyes and down nose.

    Step 7

    Apply concealer to any blemishes.....

    Step 8

    .....under eyes......

    Step 9

    And the corner or eyes.

    Step 10

    Rub foundation onto the makeup sponge

    Step 11

    Step 12

    Apply foundation like so

    Step 13

    Eyeshadow Primer

    Step 14

    Apply small amount on to eyeshadow brush

    Step 15

    Applying primer

    Step 16

    This is a kit I use the concealer out of it and the eyeshadow

    Step 17

    Concealer, base and contour shadow, eyeliner

    Step 18

    Start with the base shadow

    Step 19

    Apply like so

    Step 20

    Then the contour shadow

    Step 21

    And again apply

    Step 22

    This is MAC black pigment I use this go give my crease a little more depth. This pigment is very intense apply with an angled brush and only use a dash then tap off.

    Step 23

    Work into the crease. Apply two coats

    Step 24

    Brush eyebrows

    Step 25

    Draw in eyebrows evenly and longer

    Step 26

    Finished eyebrow

    Step 27

    Then I take a large brush and make one sweep over the eye to blend a little more

    Step 28

    Next bronzer

    Step 29

    Use a large kabuki brush

    Step 30

    Apply all over apples of cheeks hairline and down nose. Very very lightly.

    Step 31

    Eyeliner time. Dull pencil works best and a steady hand.

    Step 32

    Apply thick line to top and bottom. I like mine dark and heavy.

    Step 33

    I use two mascaras to get lashes super long and thick. One has a fat brush and the othens more like a comb.

    Step 34

    Apply all over and wiggle the brush.

    Step 35

    Make sure to get the corners and lower lashes

    Step 36

    Finished eye

    Step 37

    I use a lip stick and lip gloss

    Step 38

    Lip stick on first

    Step 39

    And then gloss

    Step 40


    Step 41

    Natural light