How to Put a Drill Bit in a Pillar Drill

by Katie Douglass


  • A pillar drill
  • A drill bit
  • A chuck key
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Before opening the guard make sure the machine is isolated from electricity (so it doesn't accidentally turn on)

    Step 2

    Open the guard and check that there is nothing already in the chuck.

    Step 3

    Collect your chuck key and drill bit.

    Step 4

    Using your hand, open the chuck (by twisting) until you can place the drill bit between the 3 jaws. Now tighten the jaws around the drill bit.

    Step 5

    Use the chuck key to tighten the chuck even more. Make sure you remove the chuck key and close the guard before turning on the machine.

    Step 6

    Now you are ready to check if the drill bit is straight.

    Step 7

    Check the drill bit is straight by turning on the machine. If it looks like its wobbling then start this guide again, you need to make sure all 3 jaws are holding the drill bit.