How to Print Directly From Your iPhone or Ipad Through a Mac

by Boubina DR

This guide explains how to enable AirPrint on a mac in order to be able to print directly from any I device to a printer plugged in a Mac. This is for printers which don't have AirPrint included


  • iPhone iPad or iPod touch
  • Any Mac
  • A printer
  • AirPrint activator software
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    On your Mac go to, in the search field type AirPrint activator. Click on the download next to AirPrint activator. Go to your downloads and install the software

    Step 2

    Launch AirPrint activator

    Step 3

    Make sure your Mac is connected to your printer and your printer is turned on

    Step 4

    In AirPrint activator turn the switch on, on the right you should see your printer listed. You should now be able to print directly from your I device

    Step 5

    You can now print on your printer directly from your I device. Go to an app of your choice fo the sake of this guide I opened an email. Tap on the farrow at the bottom of the window an tap on print

    Step 6

    In the print window select the number of copies and if your printer isn't selected yet tap on printer to select it. Then hit print

    Step 7

    While the printing takes place you can check on it by double pressing the home button and tapping on print center

    Step 8

    Here you will see the status of the printing process. You can also cancel printing

    Step 9

    Your printer will now print!! Keep in mind for this to work you need to have AirPrint activator running on your Mac with your printer plugged in your computer and turned on. Enjoy😃