How to Prepare 'Sweet Lightning'

by Hannah D


  • 1 Sweet lightning
  • Microwave
  • Knife
  • Paper towel
  • Salt butter and other spices
  • Fork
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First gather your supplies

    Step 2

    Cut a round bit off the top of the sweet lightning

    Step 3

    Pull it off. You will probably have to wiggle it a lot to get it off.

    Step 4

    Scoop the seeds and "guts" out of it, like carving a pumpkin.

    Step 5

    Here is what it looks like.

    Step 6

    Replace to top bit you took off previously.

    Step 7

    Place it on a paper towel in the microwave

    Step 8

    Let it cook on high power for 6-8 minutes. (High is the default setting on most microwaves.)

    Step 9

    This is what it looks like out of the microwave.

    Step 10

    Slice it up how you like.

    Step 11

    Put butter salt or any other seasonings on.

    Step 12

    I served mine with chicken, it smells so good.