How to Poylmer Clay Bow

by Lizette Lopez


  • Poylmer clay
  • ^ as many colors you want
  • Blade
  • Roller
  • Optional:
  • Clay tools
  • Plain paper
  • Glaze
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Here Is what you need:) !!! Clean hands also!!!

    Step 2

    Cut a piece of clay :) you'll most likely need more than that, also depending the size of your bow

    Step 3

    Thats the color of the clay im using, knead the clay so it could get a little more softer !!!! Not too soft!!!!

    Step 4

    Roll out your clay to this thickness

    Step 5

    Sketch out how wide you want it to be... If your doing earings you have to do the last step two more times

    Step 6

    Do these steps in a flat surface... Cutting it is a option, the dent makes it easier to pinch the corners UPward

    Step 7

    Cut the little pointy ends and connect them

    Step 8

    First sketch out how wide you want middle piece to be, make sure its also skinny and apply it.

    Step 9

    The tool gives it a cute detail that cant be seen in camera , but in reality it looks really good <3. Sorry for the shadows :(

    Step 10

    Time to make the bottom ribbon 🎀

    Step 11

    How you apply it :). And your done!!!

    Step 12

    If you want more clay tutorial please say so:)) and i promise it will be the last time ill do a guide at night -_- BAD lighting .... 🎀Remember with practice anything is possible🎀

    Step 13

    Forgot something :-| bake your bow according to the instructions .. Depending what kind of poylmer clay your using , when done baking you could glaze it! Making it look store bought and cute ^_^