How to Post Vertical Photos on Instagram W/o Cropping

by Vanessa Navarro 🌻


Step 1

We all go through this where we want to post a picture that's too large to fit in the square 😔 but I have a solution!

Step 2

You are going to have to download the app whitagram, I promise it'll be worth it 😊oh and did I mention it was free?

Step 3

Open the app and press add photo on the bottom left 😄 then decide which photo you would like to use

Step 4

After selecting the image, it automatically make the photo the perfect size 😉 as well as make the background white! 👌 But if you prefer to make it another color, its under the edit section!

Step 5

Now then press "to Instagram" on the bottom right and choose the resolution of your choice :)

Step 6

Now just choose "open in Instagram"

Step 7

TA DA! It fits perfect! Continue to edit as you wish and enjoy how easy that was 😊😊