How to Popin Cookin Takoyaki DIY Japanese CandyKit-Savory

by Cutie Pie Kawaii

Brand New 2014 a Kracie Release- Make your own savory Takoyaki! Famous Japanese Street Food -Octopus Balls-- ground octopus meat rolled Into balls, with tiny bits of octo tentacle and herbs, with mayo


  • Water
  • Microwave
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Popin Cookin Takoyaki

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Contents: ORANGE Pack Octopus Mix, BLUE Pack Mayo Mix,RED Pack Tentacle mold mix, BROWN Pack Sauce Mix--Tray, Spatula, Toothpick

    Step 4

    Tray has 5 sections

    Step 5

    Cut along the lines of the tray to separate each 5 sections

    Step 6

    You should have 5 sections now

    Step 7

    The tray with the music note 🎶 is the Mixing Tray--Dump RED octopus tentacle mix into Tray

    Step 8

    Add 1 Scoop of Water

    Step 9

    Mix thoroughly

    Step 10

    Stir and mix until Playdoh like consistency

    Step 11

    You will have to use your fingers to knead and make sure all powder is dissolved

    Step 12

    Tear off small chunks of dough and put in tentacle molds - you will do this 4 times to make 8 tentacles

    Step 13

    Pretty cool!! Tentacles are done, maaaan!

    Step 14

    Now we shall make Mayo which is a Takoyaki topping---Cut Along Line 1 Dotted Line of SILVER BLUE Packet- be careful not to spill, the mayo powder mix is inside

    Step 15

    Add 1 Scoop of Water

    Step 16

    Stir until dissolved

    Step 17

    Instant Mayo!!! So cool!!!

    Step 18

    Should have mayo consistency

    Step 19

    Now fold top of packet down tightly and set aside

    Step 20

    Time to make Balls- Dump ORANGE Pack Into Mixing Container

    Step 21

    Add 1...

    Step 22

    2 Scoops of Water

    Step 23


    Step 24

    Mix until thick runny consistency and all powder is incorporated

    Step 25

    Spoon the mixture into the Ball molds a little more than half way

    Step 26

    You can go back later and even them up if leftover batter

    Step 27

    Now we shall put our tentacle bits inside the batter

    Step 28

    Try to push in as much as possible without overflowing the batter

    Step 29

    Time to make the Tonkatsu Sauce-- Dump BROWN Packet into Star 🌟 mixing tray

    Step 30

    Add 1 scoop of water

    Step 31


    Step 32

    Until sauce consistency-- set aside

    Step 33

    Now you want to get your octopus ball tray ready and MICROWAVE 15 seconds - if u see it bubbling stop microwave

    Step 34


    Step 35

    Let Cool , then loosen around edges with a toothpick and flip over

    Step 36

    Now back to the mayo-- make sure top is still folded down - then snip a very tiny bit of bottom corner - you will use this to squeeze a thin steam of mayo into your Takoyaki

    Step 37


    Step 38

    Squeeze Mayo onto Takoyaki

    Step 39

    Then drizzle your Tonkatsu sauce on Takoyaki

    Step 40

    Pick up with toothpick and Enjoy!!

    Step 41

    Almost like the real thing ! If you love these and crave real Takoyaki afterwards , check out Doma restaurant in Philadelphia, PA in the U.S. They have great Takoyaki !

    Step 42