How to Play in Your Art Journal With Paints and Stencils

by Art Anthology

Just play in your art journal with these beautiful velvet paints and colorations, and don't forget, the gorgeous new stencils from Art Anthology.. ..


  • Fiji Velvet
  • Aloha Velvet
  • Kona Velvet
  • Timeless Colorations Color Spray
  • Tuxedo Velvet
  • Structure paste
  • diecuts
  • stamps
  • Keyhole stencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Apply structure paste onto the pages with the Keyhole Stencil. At the outer edges go over it with the palet knife to mess it up a little at the edges. Leave to dry.

    Step 2

    Add watered down blue paints, Fiji first and then Aloha.. don't try to get even coverage.

    Step 3

    The paint will accentuate the structure of the paste. Leave to dry.

    Step 4

    Add touches of Kona Velvet paint with your finger.. it'll add depth to the background. Leave to dry.

    Step 5

    Spray Timeless Colorations spray to the surface, in 3 spots.. not more! It will give a greenish color to parts of the blue paint. Leave to dry.

    Step 6

    Add watered-down black Tuxedo velvet dimensional paint to the edges. Leave to dry.

    Step 7

    Don't you LOVE this beautiful color and stucture? The text from the book is still peeping through...

    Step 8

    TIme to make decisions : I like what I see... need to add some white!

    Step 9

    Stamp with Versamark ink and heat emboss in white on tissue wrap.

    Step 10

    Adhere the clock as shown. Tear the stamped tissue wrap into pieces and adhere to the background with decoupage glue. Add Fiji paint to the inside edge, and Kona paint to the outer edge of the clock.

    Step 11

    Add white accents in the background with a white acrylic marker (on the edges of the stencilled structure paste).

    Step 12

    Add the diecut of the flower to the left page.

    Step 13

    Take a moment to have a look at the whole project.. something is missing?!

    Step 14

    Add splatters of white paint!

    Step 15

    WOWY.. that's better!

    Step 16

    Add a diecut butterfly and postage stamp to the page by scraping structure paste over the specific surface, and lay it in the paste

    Step 17

    Same for the butterfly.. a little structure paste applied with a palette knife will give it a base..

    Step 18


    Step 19


    Step 20

    LOVE it!

    Step 21

    Both pages!

    Step 22

    A photo with the used paints and spray.

    Step 23

    LOVE it! Right hand page..

    Step 24

    ... the focal point.. happy to be sharing with you all.. if you liked it please leave a comment! I'd love that.

    Step 25

    See you next time!