How to Place Qcard on the iPhone Dock

by Qcard App

We recommend placing Qcard on your iPhone Dock so it's easily accessible from anywhere.


Step 1

This is the iPhone Dock, which can hold up to 4 apps.

Step 2

Hold your finger down on any app icon until they all start to ''wiggle''

Step 3

First, you have to make room on your Dock. Drag & drop the unwanted app off the Dock.

Step 4

While everything is still ''wiggling'', drag the Qcard icon and drop it on the iPhone Dock.

Step 5

Press the Apple Home Button once to stop the ''wiggling'' and now you have Qcard on your dock.

Step 6

We also recommend placing Apple's "Clock" and "Calendar" icons right above Qcard, which will provide a nice visual of today's date & time.