How to Paint With Scraps of Paint

by Art Anthology

Making the most of your Art Anthology Mediums.


  • Allure Minx
  • Immaculate Minx
  • Midnight Minx
  • Universe Stencil
  • Got Your Number Stencil
  • Blocked Stencil
  • Siesta Key Colorations
  • Valentine's Colorations
  • Cayman Sorbet
  • Mi Bella Sorbet
  • Cotton Candy Velvet
  • Fiji Velvet
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Sometimes when I paint, I'm feeling very frugal and I will mop up any extra paint from my palette with my art journal. This is how this page was started.

    Step 2

    I continued with products that I was using on another project. Here, I'm applying Allure Minx Shimmering Inks with the eye dropper included with the bottle it comes in.

    Step 3

    In another area, I spread the Allure Minx Shimmering Inks with a paint brush.

    Step 4

    Look at all that shimmer! So pretty!!!

    Step 5

    Next, I used the Universe Stencil.

    Step 6

    I sprayed it Siesta Key Colorations onto the Universe Stencil.

    Step 7

    I moved the Universe Stencil over.

    Step 8

    Then, I sprayed it with Valentine Colorations.

    Step 9

    After I sprayed THROUGH the Universe Stencil with Valentine Colorations, I turned the stencil over and used it like a stamp leaving an impression of the stencil behind.

    Step 10

    I used Immaculate Minx to paint circles onto my page.

    Step 11

    Here, I applied some Immaculate Minx with a paint brush.

    Step 12

    I applied Cayman Sorbet on top of some of the Immaculate Minx circles.

    Step 13

    I adhered some Gelli Plate papers I had in my stash that I made with Art Anthology mediums onto my page. I punched some circles out of this, too and used them for centers of some circles.

    Step 14

    I pressed Cotton Candy Velvet into the Got Your Number Stencil randomly around the page.

    Step 15

    I love this dimension! And, I didn't pay mind to filling in the numbers completely.

    Step 16

    Looks like frosting...Yummy!

    Step 17

    These stencils and mediums leave such nice, crisp lines.

    Step 18

    I used the eye dropper from the Midnight Minx Shimmering Inks as a writing utensil and outlined my circles.

    Step 19

    I sprayed two Colorations, Siesta Key and Valentine through the Universe Stencil, at the same time so that they would blend where they met in the middle.

    Step 20

    This way you can get a third color for the price of two!

    Step 21

    I painted a layer of larger circles with Mi Bella Sorbet around the page.

    Step 22

    After drawing scallops with Midnight Minx Shimmering Inks, I filled them in with Fiji Velvet.

    Step 23

    I, also, used Fiji Velvet through the Blocked Stencil.

    Step 24

    Step 25

    I dabbed Immaculate Minx with my finger around the page.

    Step 26

    A few details...

    Step 27

    A bit of Immaculate Minx dripping.

    Step 28

    Step 29

    Making marks with Midnight Minx.

    Step 30

    And here you have the full art journal spread. Thanks for snapping through this with me. Until next time...

    Step 31