How to Paint Tattoo Flash (Flowers)

by Elle Hart

How to paint a simple flower tattoo flash sheet. Good for beginners.


Step 1

Start with tracing paper.

Step 2

Draw circles inside of circles using light colored pencil or graphite pencil. Stencil is optional but nice.

Step 3

Step 4

Fill in outer circle with petals.

Step 5

Add leaves on the outsides.

Step 6

Go over sketch with darker outline. This will make it easier to see to trace later.

Step 7

Step 8

If you want to rearrange elements, cut them out. Otherwise sketch it exactly how you want it.

Step 9

Find a piece of watercolor paper.

Step 10

Tape transfers to the back of the paper, in the composition you want, so they don't move around.

Step 11

Set up your light box for transferring. Use a dark pen or marker.

Step 12

I used a thick sharpie.

Step 13

Pick out your color palette. You can use water color but I prefer Daler Rowney F.W. Liquid Acrylics.

Step 14

You'll need water for rinsing and a paper towel.

Step 15

Also a good selection of small to medium watercolor/acrylic brushes.

Step 16

Prep your palette cups with your colors or work straight from a watercolor dish.

Step 17

Fill in center of flowers with solid color.

Step 18

Starting with lighter green on leaves, pack on a color for the majority of your area. Rinse your brush, blot it on the paper towel and work the color out to get a lighter fade. Do it QUICKLY.

Step 19

Lighter sides of leaves done.

Step 20

Repeat with darker side of leaves.

Step 21

Darker side of leaves done.

Step 22

Continue to use the pack and rinse technique to fill in flower petals.

Step 23

Cute little flower flash. 🌸🌿