How to Paint Rose Nails

by Alyssa V

These nails are very classy, yet simple. Surprise your friends with your talents by this easy step by step guide!


  • Clear coat
  • White nail polish
  • Yellow thin brush nail polish
  • Red thin brush nail polish
  • Pink thin brush nail polish
  • Green thin brush nail polish
  • Nail dotter
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    ALWAYS put on a clear coat before starting to ensure less chipping

    Step 2

    Paint your nails a nice shade of white;)

    Step 3

    To give your nails a background, take your yellow thin brush nail polish and slowly draw a vertical line

    Step 4

    Phew! When that's over...

    Step 5

    Take your dotter with the pink on it...

    Step 6

    And place 3-4 random dots on your thumb! (if 4 dots on thumb, 3 on all 3 fingers and 2 on pinkie)

    Step 7

    Yay!! Afterwards...

    Step 8

    Take your red thin brush and SLOWLY paint the under part of the circle... The first petal

    Step 9

    Do step 7 again except on the top of the circle

    Step 10

    And then just draw a line In between both petals;)

    Step 11

    Looking gorgeous!

    Step 12

    Final touches;) add green leaves for an extra color boost!

    Step 13

    This is the final look;)

    Step 14

    My other hand...pretty bad, haha like first hand better;)

    Step 15

    Add clear coat to finish this design off

    Step 16

    Thank you for watching! Comment, Like and Follow! More guides to come;))