How to Paint Olympic Inspired Nails (London 2012)

by Reyna Olegario


  • 1 Base coat
  • 1 Gold nail polish
  • 1 Blue nail polish
  • 1 Red nail polish
  • 1 White detail nail polish
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather your supplies. I'm using a variety of different brands including L.A. Colors (white) Wet n' Wild (gold & red), Icing (blue), & Sally Hanson (base coat).

    Step 2

    Remove previous nail polish and cover with a base coat.

    Step 3

    Paint both hands with gold. Leave one nail blank. That will be our accent nail (British flag). You can use whatever finger you choose. I used 2 coats.

    Step 4

    Paint your accent nail blue. Mine took 3 coats.

    Step 5

    Paint an asterisk on the accent finger. Make sure it's thick so you can paint the red over it

    Step 6

    Paint a strip of red on top of the white. I used the same brush for this one because Wet n' Wild has a new brush that's a thin and regtangular.

    Step 7

    Since I'm right-handed, i used a toothpick for my other hand to get a thinner, more controlled stroke.