How to Paint Little Pink Houses

by Art Anthology

Little Pink Houses for You and Me


  • Cotton Candy Velvet
  • Cayman Sorbet
  • Siesta Key Colorations Sprays
  • Barbie Colorations Sprays
  • Ice Fairy Dust
  • Frost Clear Coats
  • Panache Minx Shimmering Inks
  • Immaculate Minx Shimmering Inks
  • Mud Texture Paste
  • Art Anthology Craft Mat
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Hello! I'm getting ready to make a layout of this picture I took of a house I saw while I was in Iowa. I thought it was so cute! I'm using Art Anthology and Melissa Frances products today.

    Step 2

    I'm going to start with this 'Flea Market Find' by Melissa Frances and the Immaculate Minx Inks.

    Step 3

    I'm, also, going to be using some wood cuts from Melissa Frances.

    Step 4

    I start by dripping Immaculate Minx Inks onto the medallion.

    Step 5

    I rub it onto the medallion, not bothering to get it into the creases.

    Step 6

    With a spatula, I get a dollop of Mud Texture Medium.

    Step 7

    I spread the Mud Texture Medium onto the page.

    Step 8

    Using the Contour Catalist tool, I make some marks into the Mud Texture Medium.

    Step 9

    Step 10

    Step 11

    Now, I spray the "Journey" wood piece and spray it with Barbie Colorations Spray.

    Step 12

    Hmmmmmm. So much extra Colorations Spray. What should I do with it. It looks too good to waste!

    Step 13

    As the Immaculate Minx Shimmering Inks dry onto the medallion I rub it off to mute it down.

    Step 14

    Step 15

    I ended up not using this piece but when I was photographing this, I set the Colorations bottle into the spray and noticed this lovely circle that it made. I couldn't waste it, soooooo....

    Step 16

    Look at that shimmer swirling around in the bottle! Yummmmm....

    Step 17

    I would like to color this thread so it will go perfectly with my project.

    Step 18

    So, I just sprayed the thread, straight onto the spool, with Barbie Colorations Spray.

    Step 19

    Step 20

    Next, I rub Cotton Candy Velvet onto the medallion.

    Step 21

    But, I think the Barbie Colorations Spray is too bright for this project. Do you see the softer pink of the house? I want the pink lighter to match that.

    Step 22

    I take my FAVORITE Art Anthology product of all time, the Immaculate Minx Shimmering Inks and....

    Step 23

    Paint it onto my wood pieces. Notice how the Colorations bleeds through the Immaculate Minx to make a softer pink!

    Step 24

    Looooove it! Now, I have that wood frame, from Melissa Frances, and I paint it white with the Immaculate Minx FIRST to see how it takes the Colorations.

    Step 25


    Step 26

    The Colorations, mostly, set on top of the Minx, So, I dabbed it off with a rag.

    Step 27

    And, Wa-La! It's a soft pink. And I like the way the color isn't even. It makes it look more 'shabby'!

    Step 28

    I have the pink elements ready for the layout. Now, it's time for the page, itself. I spray Siesta Key Colorations Spray over the Mud Texture Medium that I previously laid down.

    Step 29

    Then, I splatter some Panache Minx Shimmering Inks.

    Step 30


    Step 31

    And more SPLATE!

    Step 32

    Looking to add some white circles to my layout, I decide to drip a bit of Immaculate Minx onto my Art Anthology Matt and dip the bottom of the bottle into it.

    Step 33

    I love how the dots on the bottom of the jar shown up. An added bonus!

    Step 34

    Now, I drip some Panache Minx Shimmering Inks onto the dried and sprayed Mud Texture Medium.

    Step 35

    Watch it drip!

    Step 36

    Such richness!

    Step 37

    Now, to start laying my elements down.

    Step 38

    A little adjusting here.

    Step 39

    I laid these paper dots onto the page before adhering them.

    Step 40

    I like to take a photo of my project and take a look at it from the photo to see how it's looking. This is akin to having it up on an easel. And good thing I did.

    Step 41

    I see that it's leaning to the right at the upper right portion of the page.

    Step 42

    So, I pour a dollop of Cayman Sorbet onto my Craft Mat.

    Step 43

    I take a card I've taken out of piece of junk mail and slide it across the Cayman Sorbet.

    Step 44

    Step 45

    Then, I slide it down the page a few times. Now, it looks more balanced. Don't you think?

    Step 46

    Step 47

    Stacking and layering.

    Step 48

    Those pink paper dots look a bit flat. And we can't have FLAT elements. I mean, we're working with DIMENSIONAL medium!

    Step 49

    I take the eraser end of a pencil and dip it into Frost Clear Coats.

    Step 50

    Then, I dab each dot. Let's see how this look when it's dry.

    Step 51

    I, also, need a bit more shimmer to the layout, so I spray the Ice Fairy Dust Spray randomly onto the page.

    Step 52

    To give MORE balance to the page, I place a piece of cardstock to the bottom left of the page. But, it doesn't EXACTLY match. What to do? What to do?

    Step 53

    Easy, Peasy! I'll just paint it with Cayman Sorbet! Genius! (If I do say so, myself.)

    Step 54

    Step 55

    Here are those flat pink circles but now they are dimensional and sparkly because I put some Frost Clear Coats on them.

    Step 56

    Finally, the title. "Little Pink Houses"

    Step 57

    Here is the full, completed layout. Thank you for hanging out with me as I created this fun piece.

    Step 58

    Until next time...