How to Paint in Glass : Make a Boring Container Pretty

by Isabel 123 Cooking guide


  • stencil
  • glass paint
  • a glass container
  • brush, sponge or press rubber tool
  • alcohol and cotton
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    all you need is here... one color is good to star .. but you can use as many you like in one proyect..stencils are re- useable.. if make a mistake wash with water and start all over ... simple

    Step 2

    pick the stencils that are the same theme..

    Step 3

    wash , dry, clean w alcohol area, set stencil add small amount off paint on all stencil, dont let it dry .peel off stencil and wash it right away w warm water and soap.. That is it let it dry...

    Step 4

    no bubbles .. no openings .. firm and flat.. press well with a lil towel

    Step 5

    i did one white one blue ... repeat and different stencils in between

    Step 6

    the base i painted it under but no on top ...

    Step 7

    i got this at TJ Max for $14 ... but get on any old glass container like the ones that comes w flowers , jars, wine glass, be aware that the flat areas are easy to work on... :-)

    Step 8

    you can star with lil proyects.. play with surfaces and amount of paint.... if the container is for food wait 21 one days to dry or set oven 350 and set in for 30 mts .. let it cool..then you can wash

    Step 9

    is so pretty side white thenother blue..

    Step 10

    Is very simple, cheap and great hobby....I spend under $ 10 for paint , brush set and stencils ( use coupon from app on iphone or web page from Michaels 50% off on stencils ) .. Have Fun...Isa

    Step 11

    Step 12

    Happy Turkey Day...

    Step 13