How to Paint Batman in ArtRage for iPad

by Raheem Nelson

Learn how to paint Christopher Nolan's version of an icon.


  • iPad
  • Stylus
  • ArtRage app
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First you want to download ArtRage from the App Store.

    Step 2

    A stylus is highly recommended for this. I use a Nomad Compose but there are other great ones too.

    Step 3

    First I get a reference photo to use.

    Step 4

    Next I launch ArtRage.

    Step 5

    Create a new painting.

    Step 6

    Select your canvas. Keep in mind the paint will react differently depending on the canvas or paper you choose.

    Step 7

    This is the setup. Tools are on the left, colors are on the right and the other settings are on the bottom tab. Remember to save often. ArtRage eats up a lot of memory.

    Step 8

    I start by selecting the pencil tool so I can create a sketch of Batman.

    Step 9

    This is the first layer. Note that the utility belt is a different color so I know what's what.

    Step 10

    Importing the reference photo into the program is also a good idea. I use the photo for color and anatomy reference. It's important to have a solid sketch before painting. Next I create a new layer.

    Step 11

    Now I select my brush to paint with oils.

    Step 12

    There's my color wheel.

    Step 13

    I always start with the head. There is a lot of detail in the cowl but the eyes go first. At the end of the day he has to look like Christian Bale.

    Step 14

    I keep creating layers (to keep everything separate.) and continue with the shoulders and cape.

    Step 15

    The armor is extremely intricate and rendering it takes time. Shading and hatching makes his armor look dynamic and realistic.

    Step 16

    Here's a close up of the upper arm. All of the blue shades give it shape.

    Step 17

    The trick is to use layers wisely and build up the armor. There is an option to have the virtual paint to dry right away. Make sure to turn that on. Here there is more cross hatching under the plates.

    Step 18

    There's the option to turn it on. It makes painting a lot of details easier.

    Step 19

    Here's a close up of the gauntlet. Light and shadow helps make it look the way it should.

    Step 20

    The utility belt is very reflective so different shades are good to give it a metallic look.

    Step 21

    Here's the finished Batman. At this point I make a new layer for the background.

    Step 22

    I paint in the background with jade hues that work with the colors in Batman's suit. Next I switch to the palette knife to bring it together. I could do this to Batman but I like the rough look.

    Step 23

    That's the palette knife. It smooths out the paint that was put down. Pressure and size can be changed. Just hit the gearbox.

    Step 24

    I switch back to the pencil tool and sketch the bats on a new layer.

    Step 25

    A new layer is created and I paint over and fill the bats with black.

    Step 26

    The edges of the bats are softened and blurred with an eraser and the palette knife. This makes the bats look like they're in motion. Plus it's Batman and he's just that bad ass.

    Step 27

    Here's the finished painting. This took many hours to finish but I am very pleased with the results. I sign my name and save.

    Step 28

    I hope you enjoyed the guide! Prints are available at