How to Paint a Wall Galaxy

by Catherine Grace

The galaxy I am painting is somewhat cloud like


  • Black paint(entire wall)
  • Color paint(design)
  • White primer
  • Sponges
  • Toothbrush
  • Paint rollers
  • Paint brush 2"
  • A wall
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Paint the wall that will have the galaxy black

    Step 2

    Use the 2" brush and white primer to map out the galaxy

    Step 3

    After the white is on, mix a little black with blue and purple. Sponge this on by patting lightly-

    Step 4

    -and rub in to give the illusion of dark clouds. Do this mainly on the darker, black areas

    Step 5

    Put curves on the white to make it appear cloud like, unless you are painting a less cloud like galaxy.

    Step 6

    Put paint (white or metallic- your choice) on the toothbrush. Rub your finger on the bristles and flinging the paint on to make stars

    Step 7

    You should have this

    Step 8

    Use another sponge to apply lighter colors, blending is not needed unless prefured

    Step 9