How to Paint a "Mud(dy)" Canvas

by Art Anthology

Time Flies


  • Mud Texture Medium
  • Lagoon Velvet
  • Fiji Velvet
  • Aloha Velvet
  • Bank Roll Minx
  • Radiance Minx
  • Immaculate Minx
  • Allure Minx
  • Lava Stone Effects
  • Soliloquy Stencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I started my canvas by applying a thick layer of mud over the entire piece, trying to make it even and level.

    Step 2

    I dolloped some Lagoon, Fiji and Aloha Velvet onto the canvas then watered it down with a spray water bottle, slightly mixing colors.

    Step 3

    The canvas, dried.

    Step 4

    Next I colored on shapes with water soluble crayons. I colored in the butterflies on the Chasing Butterfly stencil.

    Step 5

    Next, I dripped Bank Roll Minx Shimmering Inks.

    Step 6

    I added drips of Immaculate Minx Shimmering Inks.

    Step 7

    Then, some Radiance Minx Shimmering Inks.

    Step 8

    I took a skewer and made lines going horizontally across the drips.

    Step 9

    I colored in the circles with Allure Minx Shimmering Inks using the dropper that's included with the bottle.

    Step 10

    Step 11

    I added another layer of Radiance Shimmering Minx Inks. Then, I colored in highlights and shadows to make those drips pop.

    Step 12

    I love the depth that is showing, here.

    Step 13

    I finished my canvas with the title, Time Flies, made with Lava Stone Effects and the Soliloquy Stencil.

    Step 14

    Here is my completed canvas. Thanks for following along with me.

    Step 15

    Until next time....