How to Paint a Lichtenstein Onomatopoeia

by Liz Meiron


  • Heavy weight Paper or canvas
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic varnish or Mod Podge
  • Large flat head paintbrush
  • Yellow, blue, red, green, and black acrylic paint.
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Find an old book and tear out some pages. I found this book in the trash.

    Step 2

    Use acrylic varnish or Mod Podge to adhere the pages on a piece of paper.

    Step 3

    First paint the paper with varnish in a small area where the paper will go.

    Step 4

    Then press the paper down on the wet varnish.Paint over with a layer of varnish and make sure all edges are secured.

    Step 5

    Paint in a new section.

    Step 6

    Add a new page and paint over. Repeat till the whole paper is covered with text.

    Step 7

    Let dry.

    Step 8

    Here are some ideas for onomatopoeias, but you can make up your own;)

    Step 9

    Choose your onomatopoeia and sketch it onto the paper you created. Add pictures that go with the word. I'm using stars.

    Step 10

    Now I'm sketching an active shape around the word.

    Step 11

    Erase where the background shape overlaps the word that is in your foreground.

    Step 12

    Almost ready to paint.

    Step 13

    One more layer of active zig zag shapes to the background.

    Step 14

    I'm using primary colors plus green and black to stay true to the style of Roy Lichtenstein. You need a fine tip and flat head paint brush.

    Step 15

    Begin with the word in your foreground. The flat head brush helps with straight edges.

    Step 16

    Step 17

    Step 18

    Paint each section a different color. Keep the center section around the words black to add emphasis to our focal point.

    Step 19

    Step 20

    Use the fine tip paintbrush to outline the drawing.

    Step 21

    Ooooo, nice, but it's missing something.

    Step 22

    I'm using the flat head brush to add a thick black drop shadow to POW!

    Step 23


    Step 24

    If you don't have a book to tear up, you can create your own text paper.