How to Paint a Dresser

by Susan Pollok

Dresser redo


  • Cabinet and door rollers
  • Polycrylic
  • Pink latex paint with primer
  • Sander and paper
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Pre pic. Lots of lacquer.

    Step 2

    Apply stripping agent to remove varnish.

    Step 3

    Covered top of dresser.

    Step 4

    What I used

    Step 5

    Scraped off after I saw crackling of finish.

    Step 6

    More removal.

    Step 7

    I sanded with fine sand paper to complete the top. Left is area yet to be sanded.

    Step 8

    After sanding top, sides and front.6 hours later....

    Step 9

    Ughhh now the drawers.

    Step 10

    Hours later.... Used sander a bit and hand sanded many of the grooves and angles.

    Step 11

    Used a roller to apply thin coats of paint.

    Step 12

    When finished painting, I added polycrylic to entire dresser to seal paint.