How to Paint a Bracelet

by Art Anthology

Painting a leather bracelet.


  • Baby Blue Eyes Sorbet
  • Kenyan Copper Sorbet
  • Black Leather Jacket Sorbet
  • Aloha Velvet
  • Gold Metal Effects
  • Waimea Bay Colorations
  • Sandcastle Colorations
  • An old leather belt
  • Crop-a-Dile hole punch and corner rounder
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I had this old belt laying around. I've hung onto it with the intentions of making bracelets out of it. And, you know what? Today is the day!

    Step 2

    I trimmed the belt to my desired length and rounded the corners of the cut edge.

    Step 3

    I stamped the words, "American Girl" into the leather. Now, I've heard that there are these types of stamps that are meant for stamping into metal and another that are meant for stamping into leather.

    Step 4

    I had the stamps that were made to stamp metal, so it didn't turn out that good. Next, I punched holes out of the end of the bracelet.

    Step 5

    I applied a layer of Baby Blue Eyes Sorbet.

    Step 6

    Then, another layer of Aloha Velvet.

    Step 7

    Look what happened!n while I was making my American Girl bracelet, Tom Petty came up on Pandora singing American Girl! It was meant to be...

    Step 8

    I applied Black Leather Jacket Sorbet across the letters then wiped it off with a paper towel, leaving the letters filled in with black.

    Step 9

    I died this ribbon with Waimea Bay Colorations.

    Step 10

    Just put the ribbon in a Baggie and spray your choice of Colorations into the bag. Rub the ribbon around the Baggie, until it's completely coated.

    Step 11

    It was too bright to go with this worn belt, so I added some Sandcastle Colorations to it.

    Step 12

    I simply threaded it through the buckle loops and into the holes I punched.

    Step 13

    I edged the bracelet with Kenyan Copper.

    Step 14

    Step 15

    Step 16

    I thought it looked a tad plain, so I added some metal embellishments to it after I painted them with Kenyan Copper Sorbet to match.

    Step 17

    Step 18

    I finally decided on tracing the letters with a silver pen to make it show up better.

    Step 19

    Thanks for stopping by and following along with my SnapGuide!