How to Organize Your Note Cards

by Amanda Lynn Joyce

An easy way to organize your note cards to prepare for those big tests!


  • Note cards
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Paper clips
  • Instructions

    Step 1


    Step 2

    Separate about 7 or 8 note cards from the pack.

    Step 3

    Take the top card and fold it in half hamburger style πŸ”

    Step 4

    Place the folded card on top of the other note cards and make sure they are all facing the same way.

    Step 5

    The fold gives you a guideline of where to cut with the scissors.

    Step 6

    When cutting try to keep all the note cards in place by holding one side of the cards firmly.

    Step 7

    Voila! Now you have twice the amount of note cards than what you started with.

    Step 8

    I like to have the red line at the top of my note cards but you can arrange them however you like.

    Step 9

    Separate the tiny note cards into stacks of 7 or 8 depending on what you started with.

    Step 10

    I like to use a three hole punch because its easier to punch through more cards. If your using a single hole punch you may need to use fewer cards.

    Step 11

    Make sure you push the cards all the way to the back of the hole punch. If you don't you may end up with the hole too close to the edge which is no bueno!

    Step 12

    To be sure that the hole isn't to close to the side, have about a centimeter of the note card out to the side of the hole punch. No need to be precise. Just eyeball it 😘

    Step 13


    Step 14

    What it looks like on the other side.

    Step 15

    Now grab your paper clip.

    Step 16

    Bend the outer most piece and bend it outwards away from the center but still on the same plane.

    Step 17

    Take the innermost piece and do the same.

    Step 18

    Finally bend the smallest innermost piece and bend in the same direction until it aligns with the first outermost piece.

    Step 19

    The two ends should be pressing against each other tightly. This ensures that the notecards won't slip off.

    Step 20

    If done properly, the only way to put cards on or take cards off this home made loop is to apply pressure to one of the end pieces.

    Step 21

    To put cards on the loop simply slip the note card through the two end pieces.

    Step 22

    Step 23

    Step 24

    I like to write the question on the blank side...

    Step 25

    and the answer on the lined side. I also like to number my note cards as well but you don't have to.

    Step 26

    I like writing on my notecards right before putting them on the loop.

    Step 27

    This is what the end product should look like.

    Step 28

    Now you can flip through your notes with ease.

    Step 29

    You can even hang them!

    Step 30

    Yep this one chapter called for 91 tiny note cards, which would have been a pain to tote around if they were normal size...

    Step 31

    Hope you liked my guide! Let me know how it works for you and stay tuned for more guides 😁