How to Organize Your Clothes and Shoes

by вαιℓєу мαяιє

Organize all your clothes! No more clutter!


Step 1

First, get all of your clothes and shoes out and set them on the ground or your desk.

Step 2

Put on some good music (John Legend, All of Me, TOTALLY OBSESSED)

Step 3

Sort through everything and make a donate and throw away pile

Step 4

Get all of the clothes you want to hang up

Step 5

Hang them. Take the hangers of clothes you haven't worn in the past month and turn them backwards.

Step 6

When you wear something, make the hanger face the normal direction. In a year, give anything away still facing backwards!

Step 7

Sort shoes that don't fit, then sort them by style (I did flats, athletic shoes, and sandals)

Step 8

Oh, and boots!

Step 9

Sandals and flats

Step 10

Done with shoes

Step 11

Sort jewelry too

Step 12

I sorted hangers because when I organize I go all out, but you can totally skip this.

Step 13

Long socks and tights

Step 14

Undies and short socks.

Step 15

My old sweatshirt from my first year of show choir I wanted to keep but won't wear

Step 16

T-Shirts, Jammies, and shorts. All done!

Step 17

Bags and my track sweatshirt

Step 18

Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you're all organized!