How to Mono Headphones for Teaching and Learning Purposes

The 3068AV headphone features individual volume controls on each earcup while the stereo only headset versions (with added boom microphone) offer inline volume control.

How to Mono Headphones for Teaching and Learning Purposes
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Are you thinking of buying Headphone for your teaching or learning purposes? Then, the pack of 3068AV Switchable Stereo from Califone is an excellent device for your use in classrooms.


The 3068AV aims to deliver quality performance at an economical price for 1:1 instruction in listening centers and library uses.

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The headphones also feature noise-reducing earcups which lower ambient noise so the volume does not need to be as high, as recommended by audiologists for hearing safety.


Mono Headphones delivers good performance, Califone 3068AV headphones are great in listening centers for library or classroom use, in English Language Learning, language labs, etc.


Stereo headphones plugged into a stereo device allow the listener to hear sound on more than one channel. Mono headphones plugged into a mono device only have one channel.


Internal processor to attempt this function has been shown to create quality issues include: decreased frequency response, increased distortion and diminished volume levels for students.


The 3068AV is considered the benchmark headphone by schools and districts for language learning because of its sound quality, durability, and performance at an economical price to stretch budgets.


Both offer teachers ways to utilize a blended learning approach that mixes face-to-face instruction time with personal digital learning. Ideal for use with listening centers and in libraries.


The 3068 helps students better stay on task by muffling external distractions with its circumaural (literally meaning around the ears) ambient noise-reducing earcups.


Our Califone 3068av headphones are the perfect headphones for school use. Not only are the earcups made of a sturdy plastic, they also include hypoallergenic earpad covers.


Califone 3068-av headphones was built with the proper age-appropriate size and weight for day care to elementary school-aged students, these unique headphones are ideal for computer-based programs.


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