How to Mend Holes in Torn/worn Jeans

by Tiffany Tarnowski


  • Jeans that need mending
  • Interfacing or scraps of jean material
  • Or any material of your choice really
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron (if you use interfacing)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Here's a big spot that needs patching.

    Step 2

    For patches I sacrificed a pair of jeans that were in worse shape. I cut a piece about a centimeter or two larger all around, and laid it out with the texture running the same direction.

    Step 3

    Flip your pants inside out.

    Step 4

    Use pins to tack the fabric into place. I only used a few because I'll be repining it on the other side so that I can see the pins as I sew. I will then remove these pins.

    Step 5

    I flipped the jeans right side out again and repined on the outside so that I could see my pins. I pulled out the other pins from the inside as I went.

    Step 6

    If you have time you can repair these holes by hand, but today I'm using a machine b/c the holes are so bad & to make sure the repair holds up. This tutorial assumes you know how to operate a machine.

    Step 7

    Take this plastic piece off of your machine, it makes the job easier.

    Step 8

    Sew around your holes, close to the damaged area, removing the pins as you approach them.

    Step 9

    It's hard to see b/c my thread is a good match, but I followed the shape of the holes.

    Step 10

    I always take it off the machine after doing a section, I back stitch to lock my work into the fabric, then adjust my fabric & begin again in a new area. Lining up my stitches so you can't tell.

    Step 11

    Here's my progress. I have one small area to stitch (yellow pins) then I'll meet my stitches up back where I began.

    Step 12

    Flip the jeans inside out again, check your work for any spots you may not have stitched together ( I missed a spot). Cut off the thread tails and trim up your patch.

    Step 13

    Here's my patch after I trimmed the extra fabric from the edges. Don't get too close to your stitches. It will fray & you don't want to have to mend your patch again.

    Step 14

    I'll fix that spot I missed around the edge when I sew across the hole & patch. Return to your machine and strait stitch from the top of your hole to the bottom, back stitch to lock your work.

    Step 15

    It doesn't have to be neat. Repeat the lines as many times & as close together or apart as you like. This adds extra strength & style. This is what you've been paying $70 for at the shops. Crazy kids!

    Step 16

    Here's the hole after I finished mending it. For smaller holes you can use the same technique but patch with interfacing, and just make more lines of stitches across.

    Step 17

    You can do it with a zig zag stitch as well, and any color thread or fabric, but I wanted my repair to go as unnoticed as possible. Hope I helped you save some pants from ending up in the trash bin!