How to Manage Alerts in Qcard

by Qcard App

A reliable alerting system that will not let you forget.


Step 1

Lets assume you have already created a Qcard to remind you to "Take out your garbage" today at 1:55pm.

Step 2

At 1:55pm, Qcard reminds you to "Take out the garbage"

Step 3

Qcard will continue to remind you every minute, until you take action.

Step 4

Swipe the alert to take action.

Step 5

To re-remind yourself again, tap the 'Time Cell' to reveal the +/- buttons.

Step 6

In this example, lets re-remind ourselves in 15 minutes by tapping the "+ 5 Minutes" button three times.

Step 7

Tap the "<" button to set the Qcard.

Step 8

The "Take out garbage" Qcard is now set to remind you 15 minutes later (2:13pm)

Step 9

15 Minutes later . . .

Step 10

Qcard reminds you again to take out the garbage, and continues to remind you until you take action.

Step 11

When you finally take out the garbage, tap "Complete"

Step 12

Tap "Yes" to confirm.

Step 13

The "Take out garbage" Qcard is now marked "Completed" and archived at the time of completion.