How to Make Your Own Wall Decals

by MadKitty Lee


  • Black / colored contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Web image printed out
  • Smooth surface to adhere wall decal to
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Find a silhouette image off the internet. Print it out:or blow it up on tablet device (trickier but can be done ) it's what I did

    Step 2

    Trace straight from tablet device . ( I used my kindle fire with full brightness ) honestly printing the image would have been way easier tho I'm proud of my hard work. Cut image out

    Step 3

    I folded my contact paper in half so as to have two opposite images; cutting only one time very tedious and time consuming WORTH IT!!!

    Step 4

    There all cut out , already getting excited and inspired

    Step 5

    Idea: I placed on storage containers for attractive labeling or as is. Since I used chalkboard contact paper I can label with chalk if I so desire :)

    Step 6

    Applied to my walls in a small corner since all I had was a limited size from kindle device. Applied to a tap light and was amazed how great it looks

    Step 7

    Added leftover contact paper to reused containers for fun organizing

    Step 8

    A sweet cat on the window sill

    Step 9

    Smooth surfaces are best. My walls are a bit bumpy but so far it had worked just fine