How to Make Your Own Potato Pots for Easy Harvesting

by Kat Foote

Make pounds and pounds of potatoes with easy access to fingerlings and harvest!


  • Two lg. black plastic pots, softer side preferable
  • Potato starts sold as "Seed Potatoes"
  • Soil and water
  • rope for handles
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    15 inch wide by 18 inch tall..$9 apiece at local nursery

    Step 2

    Take one pot and using a sharp boxcutter or exacto knife carefully cut out sides to make a open container. I drew an approximation of cutting lines with a marker pen, three cutout areas.

    Step 3

    Leave about 2-3 inches at rim and bottom to maintain the pot's strength.

    Step 4

    Use a soft plastic pot that is easy to cut, ask your nurseryman for the ideal pot.

    Step 5

    Three sides cut out..precision not necessary. Save your cut outs for weed control or warming soil next to plants that like the heat (like strawberries)

    Step 6

    Place cut out pot into whole pot. Plant your potatoes following package directions..there are many recommendations but the simplest way is to plant potato starts on top of about 6-8 inches of soil.

    Step 7

    Shown are Seed Yukon Gold potatoes (whole, or cut in half). Cover with several inches of soil. Water after placing in sunny spot as it will be heavy to move.

    Step 8

    I added ropes to the "posts" as it will get quite heavy, pounds of delicious home grown potatoes!

    Step 9

    Check for fingerlings when plants are large and bushy by pulling inner pot up, then when foliage turns yellow you can harvest! Enjoy!