How to ✨ Make Your Own Personalized Fantasy Photo ✨

by Aɳցⅈɛ ʗʊrraɳ

With some amazing apps you can create your own dreamlike fantasy photo.


  • CutNPlace app
  • FliterMania 2 app
  • SpaceEffect FX PRO app
  • WallpapersHD app or Backgrounds app
  • Photo of person to be put in fantasy photo
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start by figuring out what kind of fantasy photo you want. I knew I wanted to use this photo of my son and imagined him with a dragon.

    Step 2

    Open WallpapersHD to search for a background photo. Start here if you have no clue what you want and need some inspiration on what kind of fantasy photo you would want to do.

    Step 3

    Search for your background through filter(which will give you categories), popular, new or more(where you have the option to search for a specific item/category).

    Step 4

    Choose filter and scroll down to Fantasy if you want to browse all fantasy photos or need inspiration.

    Step 5

    If you know what you have in mind tap More and choose search. Type in what you want to search for(example: dragon), then browse the results until you find one you like.

    Step 6

    When looking for a background keep the other photo you are using in mind. When I saw this one, I envisioned my son standing on the dragon's tail. Once you think your choice will work then save it.

    Step 7

    Open CutNPlace.

    Step 8

    Tap on the Cut Item.

    Step 9

    Now load item image.

    Step 10

    Take or choose the picture you want to use. Full body ones work the best. When your picture has loaded tap the arrow to the right.

    Step 11

    You might want to watch the demo on how to do this or take a look at the sample guide pictures and instructions. Tap where you would like the arrow to be placed to start.

    Step 12

    Press and hold and trace around the region you want to be cut out. It worked better for me to be zoomed in on the image to get a better trace, moving the picture as you go, then repositioning arrow.

    Step 13

    Tap the next arrow shown above.

    Step 14

    Again tap where you want arrow to start and now trace the outside region(background) of the image you want cut out.

    Step 15

    So you should now have something that looks like this with the item (foreground) outlined in blue and the background outlined in red. Then tap the scissors to move on to editing your cut result.

    Step 16

    Now you can make some final revisions. The cut is usually good but this weapon was tricky. Tap the erase at the left to erase more of the item or reveal at the right to reveal more of the item.

    Step 17

    I found it easier to reveal the entire weapon and even the background around it first, then carefully erase the background which is shown better in next step.

    Step 18

    I just followed the outline of the weapon to erase the background. Also, the bar in the center of the erase and reveal will adjust the circle to be bigger or smaller as needed.

    Step 19

    Here is the end result 😊

    Step 20

    Once you are pleased with the cut of the item tap Save Item.

    Step 21

    Choose Save, this option is best to really position the item on the background you choose.

    Step 22

    Now tap Place Item.

    Step 23

    Tap Background and choose the background you saved to your camera roll earlier.

    Step 24

    Now tap the +Item.

    Step 25

    Tap the item you just cut out.

    Step 26

    With two fingers pinch and zoom in or out to make your image bigger or smaller. You can rotate it and/or move it anywhere you want. You can also double tap the image to flip it's direction.

    Step 27

    When you are completely happy with the position tap Save. Now you can choose to be done here or choose to add some cool effects.

    Step 28

    Open SpaceEffect FX PRO app.

    Step 29

    Tap Photos to choose your photo you just saved.

    Step 30

    Tap the FX+ Effect.

    Step 31

    Browse all the cool effects experimenting as you go. It's a lot of FUN!! I knew I wanted some sort of fireball coming from the weapon my son was holding. So I chose the blue one shown above.

    Step 32

    Tap the EditFX to position the effect.

    Step 33

    I made the effect smaller and positioned it so you could still see most of the dragon's head. When you like the position of your effect, tap Apply.

    Step 34

    Again, you can be done here, add another effect or save it and add an effect from another app like FilterMania 2.

    Step 35

    Open FilterMania 2.

    Step 36

    Tap the center camera lens.

    Step 37

    Tap BROWSE to choose your photo you just saved.

    Step 38

    It edits your picture to a square. So position your photo how you want it within the square and tap the green check.

    Step 39

    Now browse all of the cool effects. I HAD to try ALL of them!! My favorite was the RAIN filter, so I chose that one. Tap Done when you've made your choice.

    Step 40

    Now you are done!!! Share your cool creation with family and friends. 😁

    Step 41

    Another example, "Twilight" inspired. I made this costume for my daughter. She was a Twilight fairy 😜(yes I'm one of those obsessed Twilight moms😁). The RAIN filter was perfect for this photo 😍

    Step 42

    Another example/idea, take a wedding photo and put it on a background with a castle. The FilterMania 2 app has the GRUNGE filter which has the look of a book page faintly blended in the image. 😍

    Step 43

    🎶My son loves music🎶. So when I saw this background I knew I wanted to use it. I didn't add any effects to this one.

    Step 44

    🎀An example with some favorite characters🎀. Again, no effects added after Cut N Place.

    Step 45

    Here is one last example. I just can't stop making these. It's so much fun!! I hope you try this out!! I know it's a little time consuming but it's totally worth it!! 👍