How to Make Your Hair Curly Without Heat

by Emily Neathery


  • Mousse
  • Brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First brush out your hair

    Step 2

    Then get your mousse and run It through your hair. Don't scrunch!!

    Step 3

    Then get a little piece of your hair and twist it and put it up with a bobby pin

    Step 4

    Repeat un till all your hair is up. I know I look funny but wait till you see the finished product !!!! (:

    Step 5

    Spray your hair with hair spray

    Step 6

    Wait about an hour.........................

    Step 7

    Take the bobby pins out

    Step 8

    Your hair should look something like this

    Step 9

    Now take the mousse and scrunch it up some more !

    Step 10

    Your hair should look like this when your finished !!! (:

    Step 11

    Enjoy your new hair .!!!!! :D