How to Make Your Eyes Pop With White Eyeshadow

by Ashley Romero

Sometimes your eyes need a little help standing out, white eye shadow with your favorite color does just that.


  • Primer
  • White eye shadow
  • Eye shadow of your color choice
  • Eye lash curler
  • Eyeliner (black or brown)
  • Eyeliner that matches color
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather all of your supplies.

    Step 2

    Wash your face, put on moisturizer, anything you usually do before.

    Step 3

    Tie your hair back and pin bangs back.

    Step 4

    Curl your lashes if you want. Start with your dark eyeliner, line both top and bottom. Put primer on your lid so the shadow lasts.

    Step 5

    With your smaller brush, starting at the inner corner of your lid, add white shadow and move outwards towards the middle of your lid.

    Step 6

    Starting a little before the white shadow stopped continue to brush outwards with your color shadow. Try to blend it where they both meet. The color is optional, white alone/neutral color works too(:

    Step 7

    Optional: with either the same shadow or eyeliner of the same color line the bottom a little*

    Step 8

    And you're done!