How to Make Yogurt at Home

by Neha Trehan

Making yogurt at home is really easy! We do this often. We are yogurt lovers!!!


  • 1 Tbsp plain yogurt with active cultures
  • 1 Quart or liter boiled Milk
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Boil the milk and keep it aside. You can also use low fat milk.

    Step 2

    You need to buy yogurt which says contains live and active cultures.fat or non fat anything is good

    Step 3

    Take a tbsp of yogurt and make it a smooth paste using a spoon.

    Step 4

    Once the milk is nice and warm pour it in the container in which you are going to store the yogurt now add the yogurt and give it a stir. You want the cultures to mix well in the milk.

    Step 5

    Do not add this to hot milk or milk that you feel isn't warm as the active cultures might not work.

    Step 6

    I used the same container coz this will go in the fridge. Put it in your Owen with the light on for some warmth. It takes about 12 hours so if you keep it in the evening it's done the next morning

    Step 7

    Yummy yogurt is ready! Enjoy!

    Step 8

    Owen is not mandatory it just needs some place warm. You can also cover this with nice thick cloth which will keep it warm.

    Step 9

    In favorable climate it takes about 8 hours to set. And in colder climates it takes longer. Try this and enjoy fresh homemade yogurt!

    Step 10