How to Make Trout With Bacon and Almonds #Healthyeating

by The School of Balance

Quick, simple and tasty. Enjoy!


Step 1

Serves 2. Start by trimming the rind and fat off two rashers of bacon bacon. Unsmoked is best for this

Step 2

Chop into small pieces and fry until very crisp. My pan is super non-stick so I don't need to add any oil. You may need a to add little if you have a standard pan

Step 3

Add a small handful of flaked almonds. Stir regularly and keep an eye on them as they will burn easily.

Step 4

Remove from the pan and leave to drain on some kitchen paper

Step 5

Take a filet of trout per person. Other fish can be used but I think trout goes well.

Step 6

Run your fingers along against the direction of the grain of the flesh. You will feel if there are any small bones. Pull these out with your fingers or tweezers if you have kitchen ones

Step 7

Place the trout in a cold pan (again I needed no oil). Once in turn on a medium heat and they will cook from the bottom up.

Step 8

You could keep cooking in this way but once they were almost done I decided to flip them over

Step 9

As I wanted them brown on both sides. Cook for another minute or so

Step 10

Flip back.

Step 11

Place the bacon and almonds back in the pan and squeeze over the juice of half a lemon. Delicious! I served it with green salad and broccoli.

Step 12

Step 13

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