How to Make Toblerone Cheese Cake

by Amy F


  • 225 Grams Toberone chocolate
  • 500 Grams Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 100 Grams Caster sugar
  • 110 Grams Whipping cream
  • 120 Grams Margarine
  • 250 Grams Chocolate biscuits
  • 10 Milliliters Vinilla extract
  • 1 A cake tin
  • 1 Rolling pin
  • 1 Weighing scales
  • 1 Zip lock bag
  • 1 Cooker or microwave
  • 1 Fridge
  • Instructions

    Step 1


    Step 2

    Put biscuits in to bag and break them down in to crumbs!

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Measure your margerine and melt it on the cooker or microwave (careful if use the cooker butter gets really HOT)

    Step 5

    Add biscuits to the margarine, mix till all the biscuits are coverd with margarine, put the mix in the cake tin and spread out evenly! Let it set in the fridge while making the rest of the cake!

    Step 6

    Mix caster sugar, vinilla extract , cream and phiadelphia cream cheese together.

    Step 7

    Melt chocolate!

    Step 8

    Mix melted chocolate with the caster sugar, Philadelphia cream chesse, cream and vinilla extract mix.

    Step 9

    Add to the base and spread it out

    Step 10

    Grate a piece of chocolate on top for decoration and then leave in the fridge to set!

    Step 11

    It's done!

    Step 12

    Yum yum yum!!