How to Make Thick, Creamy, Luscious, Peppermint Bark

by Katie H :{D

This bark is extremely tasty & is perfect for getting a big bite of WOW😋 it's not your typical thin crisp peppermint bark, but instead it's rich & a lil' thicker👌


  • 1 Cup Milk chocolate chips
  • ⅔ Cups White chocolate chips
  • Peppermints
  • Aluminum pie pan
  • Some butter
  • Some whipped cream
  • Some milk
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Melt milk chocolate with some whipped cream, milk, and butter

    Step 2

    Crush up some peppermints

    Step 3

    Put the crushed mints in a bowl if you want to

    Step 4

    Add some crushed mints to the melted milk chocolate

    Step 5

    Stir them into it

    Step 6

    Pour the chocolate into a pie pan

    Step 7

    Spread it evenly in the pan

    Step 8

    Put it in the freezer

    Step 9

    Melt white chocolate with some whipped cream, milk, and butter

    Step 10

    Add some crushed mints and stir

    Step 11

    Pull the pan out of the freezer and get the white chocolate ready to pour on top of the hard milk chocolate

    Step 12

    Pour the white choco on the milk chocolate and spread it evenly

    Step 13

    Sprinkle some crushed mints on top of the white choco

    Step 14

    Put in the freezer

    Step 15

    Take it out of the freezer when it gets hard

    Step 16

    Pull some of it out of the pan

    Step 17

    Cut it however you desire

    Step 18

    Ta da!!! Now u have yummy peppermint bark!!!:)