How to Make the Smartest Dog Tag Clip Ever!

by Jennifer Pilcher

This is how to beat all the funky dog tag clips out there that are either too large, too bulky, too expensive, or they hang too long, or they can loosen and come apart.


  • Beaded chain
  • Wire cutters or tuff scissors
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is the common dog tag ring that is so hard to connect and disconnect that changing collars for our dog is avoided.

    Step 2

    This is a sampling of all the engineering that's been done, none of which work for small dogs because they double the length of the drop, or they're just too unsightly.

    Step 3

    At last! This is a small stainless steel chain that is simple to shorten with cutters. Note: Keep enough length that your index finger can fit through the final circle to manipulate the fastener.

    Step 4

    You can find beaded chain and extra connectors at hardware stores in the lighting supply section. And it's very low cost.

    Step 5

    Done! Now it's easy to disconnect the tag and move it to different collars!

    Step 6

    Now with this simple tag clip, Brandy got an all new outfit today!