How to Make the Best Kale Salad Ever

by Thais Marchese

Kale is so good for you! 1 cup of kale has more than 100% of your daily value of vitamins K, A & C. It also has more iron per calorie than beef, more calcium per calorie than milk!


  • 1 Head of kale
  • Olive oil to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Lemon to taste
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Rinse your kale and add it to a bowl.

    Step 2

    Rip the leaves off into the bowl.

    Step 3

    Should have no hard stems

    Step 4

    Add your lemon, olive oil and salt. I like to use pink Himalayan salt, because its just better for you. But regular table salt is okay. Half of a lemon is probably enough, you can add more to taste.

    Step 5

    Massage! Massage! Massage! And squeeze and rip and massage some more. I find it best when it's very soft (really well massaged).

    Step 6

    Tada! Have it as a side or eat it by itself (as I often do!) I try to eat kale daily as it is very nutritious.