How to Make the Best Gravy Ever

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How to Make the Best Gravy Ever Recipe
10 Steps

Chefs among you will know that the little bag that comes inside your turkey is the key to the best gravy. Don't throw this stuff away. Try this once and you will never go back to packet mixes.


Place your vegetables, herbs and giblets, including the neck into the tray directly around and under your turkey. Remember to remove them from the plastic.

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Prepare your turkey however you choose. Roast it for the allotted time on top of your onions, celery and carrots and giblets.


When the Turkey is cooked, remove from the pan and cover to rest. Carefully skim off all but 3-4 tablespoons of the fat and discard it. There should be lots dark caramelized reduction in the pan.


Place the pan on a medium stove and stir in 3 tablespoons of flour.


The flour should mix easily into the pan juices and vegetables. Use a potato masher to break up the roasted pan contents.


Add the chicken stock to the pan and bring to the boil. Use the stock and a whisk to dissolve and incorporate the dark caramelized patches in the pan. Your gravy should take on a rich colour.


This step is the key to getting flavour. Make sure you get all of the reduction from the pan. It will be easier to clean once you are finished too.


Once your gravy has thickened, strain the mixture in batches if necessary, pushing everything down in the strainer with a spoon to get maximum flavour.


This is the best gravy you will ever taste. Enjoy and happy thanksgiving.

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