How to Make Sweet Wedding Greeting Card

by Azah Chan

Instead of giving presents, why dont you give a unique greeting card to the bride and groom. You can do-it-yourself! Maximum satisfaction guaranteed 😄


  • Cork board
  • Assorted color papers
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
  • Clay flowers
  • Stickers, puffy lace stickers
  • Embelishments
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Foams
  • Eyelet
  • Strings
  • Round cutter
  • Blade
  • Scissor
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    After gathering all the materials, measure the diameter of the cork board and divide into two, and minus 1.5-2cm.

    Step 2

    After that, take the round cutter. P/s : use the same length as before.

    Step 3

    Choose one color paper, and start cutting!

    Step 4

    Now that's a perfect round 😊

    Step 5

    Measure the diameter, divide into 2, and minus 0.5-1cm.

    Step 6

    Take different color paper and start cutting again.

    Step 7

    Now we have 2 perfect round.

    Step 8

    Take the larger round and stick onto the cork board using glue.

    Step 9

    Now the smaller one. You can see there're 2 lround borders.

    Step 10

    Now take white paper or any color that you like, measure and cut (like the picture). You will have: - 2 semi round (diameter 7cm) - 1 semi round (diameter 5.5cm) - 1 semi round (diameter 4cm)

    Step 11

    Take the same color paper, measure 1cm for the left and right and about 2-3cm for the center. After that, cut the left and right as small as you can (refer to picture)

    Step 12


    Step 13

    Fold about 1 cm (refer to picture)

    Step 14

    Fold the left and right. Now take the semi round and start to stick the left and right using glue. Remember to stick it at the round edge.

    Step 15

    Here's how it will looks like. Important: dont forget to leave about 1cm before cutting it.

    Step 16

    Now take another semi round (same size) and stick it on top of it.

    Step 17

    Its quite tricky but actually its easy.. 😊 slowly...

    Step 18

    Yeay. Done with the first layer. You will get a 3D semi round. This is from front view.

    Step 19

    The back/inside view. Can you see the 1cm on the left and right? Dont forget it.. 😉

    Step 20

    Do the same thing to the 2nd and 3rd smaller semi round. But the different is, you dint have to do the bottom, just the top. (refer to pic)

    Step 21

    Now stick it all together by putting the biggest at the bottom and the smallest on top. It looks like 3 tier semi round cake, isn't it 😉

    Step 22

    Put some glue at the back of the 'cake'. (that's why it is important to leave 1cm on the left and right! 😄)

    Step 23

    Now stick the cake onto the base (the cork board)

    Step 24

    Now you can start decorating the cake. Its up to you :)

    Step 25

    I love to put embelishments and stickers.

    Step 26

    Now here's the cake. You can put anything that you like. Flowers, ribbons, etc.

    Step 27

    Make a bow using ribbon and stick on it.

    Step 28

    Some handmade ribbon roses, clay roses, etc.. I used glue gun to stick em all.

    Step 29

    Take the alphabet stickers and make your own message. Decorate. Its up to your creativity. I use eyelet and string so we can hang this on the wall.

    Step 30

    So this is it! The finished version.. You can make it as a very sweet and unique wedding gift ;) it can be a wall decoration too.

    Step 31

    For more cards, crafts and other ideas, you can visit and 'like' : Come drop by and say hi 😉 Enjoy!