How to Make Spicy Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish or Chicken

by Jen Shults


  • 1 Camera ( take picture every step)
  • 1 Normal every day toolbox
  • 2 Special torx bit head
  • 1 Dewalt cordless drill
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Open side cover and front cover incl. control box

    Step 2

    Just take top of the machine a control box, the cable enough long.

    Step 3

    Take out the side panel screw, and take out a side panel.

    Step 4

    This is the left hand side of the machine with the belt.

    Step 5

    Right hand side of the machine, pump house, top of the picture the pump. Necessary to take out.

    Step 6

    Motor and a belt adjustment spring. Take out, and then loose hold of the belt.

    Step 7

    Take out drum, this special bearing hold the drum the back side. Front there are 2 rubber wheal support the drum. ( very clever idea.)

    Step 8

    After we are take out the drum. There was a two rubber supporter wheals.

    Step 9

    Now take out the pump.

    Step 10

    This is the condensation house and a black pipe goes to pumps to top reserve tank.

    Step 11

    This is a problem !

    Step 12

    This is the pump

    Step 13

    The condensation tank bottom is full of tow. It is possible one year working process, the tow go through filter, and mixing the weather and stopped pump.

    Step 14

    Take out the drum supporter wheal

    Step 15

    Take out a condensation. Carefully wiring!

    Step 16

    Now take out whole condensation system, radiator and motor as well.

    Step 17

    This is the front condensation, radiator.

    Step 18

    This is the place of the condensation motor.

    Step 19

    Condensation house full of the tow.

    Step 20

    Look at this tow

    Step 21

    Amassing tow. This is stopped the pump.

    Step 22

    Necessarily to clean 100%.

    Step 23

    I surprised how much tow in it.

    Step 24


    Step 25

    This is a condensation and a motor.

    Step 26

    Drum, and parts.

    Step 27

    Now cleaned all, I used anti static rag, and a normal rag with soap. I cleaned whole base house until like a new!

    Step 28

    Take apart a pump. Clean and take back again.

    Step 29

    Back condensation and a motor.

    Step 30

    Take back a top of the condensation house. Carful every screw position and tight. We don't wand a leaking system.

    Step 31

    Take back a pump, and cables.

    Step 32

    Clean every part of the machine, same as a factory shape. Take back a weather reserver tank.

    Step 33

    Take back a front panel and a vertical weather pipe ( white one).

    Step 34

    Take to back the black pipes & right side top side supported steel.

    Step 35

    Now it is possible take back a drum and after a back panel. Be careful screw some drift are metal, some spiral are plastic one.

    Step 36

    Checked every detail.

    Step 37

    back motor spring and testing machine. It is start testing right side panel is off. Start a test program. WERY CAREFULLY. Moving belt,motor 220 V. If you are not a electrical expert do not do that.