How to Make Soy Milk

by I-craft I-cook


  • Soy bean
  • Black bean
  • Sesame
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Measure 1/2 cup of soy bean mix with black bean

    Step 2

    2 tbs sesame

    Step 3

    Water to soak

    Step 4

    Soak beans overnight

    Step 5

    It will get big in the morning. Take up your bean mixture from soaking water.

    Step 6

    Add fresh water into the pot 1500 ml. Put bean mixture in.

    Step 7

    Click function " bean/ nut"

    Step 8

    After 30 min, it s done. Strain it

    Step 9

    Add 2 spoonful sugar

    Step 10

    Enjoy your morning with warm soy milk