How to Make Snowflake Luminaries Metallic Foil by GRAFIX

by tami sanders * paper crafter

use metallic foil board to create unique gift gifts, or incorporate in your everyday crafting.


  • Metallic Foil Board by GRAFIX
  • Paper Punch with Tips
  • Hammer
  • Self Healing Mat
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Metallic Foil Board by GRAFIX comes in a rainbow of colors and is a great way to add some bLiNg to your craft projects.

    Step 2

    scan in designs or cut and paste patterns from the web into a word processing program. resize as needed.

    Step 3

    cut a 4 X 11 piece of silver foil a 6 X 11 1/2 piece of gold foil and an 8 X 12 piece of blue foil. the graduated lengths will allow your luminaries to nest for storage.

    Step 4

    on the back, measure and mark the center of the silver foil.

    Step 5

    arrange your snowflake pattern on the back, lining it up with the marks, and then tape down your template.

    Step 6

    you'll need simple paper punch tools, mat, punch and hammer.

    Step 7

    use a punch that has tips in a variety of sizes.

    Step 8

    place foil, pattern side up on mat and begin punching the holes along the pattern lines.

    Step 9

    continue following pattern and punching holes in the pattern.

    Step 10

    when you have punched holes in all the lines, carefully take off the pattern to see how you did.

    Step 11

    place 2 strips of double sided tape on one end of the silver foil.

    Step 12

    wrap foil around to back, remove liners from tape and adhere.

    Step 13

    press your thumb or finger over seam to be sure it is secure.

    Step 14

    also rub the seam from the inside of the piece.

    Step 15

    finished luminary,

    Step 16

    repeat with gold foil and 2 more snowflakes.

    Step 17

    if a dot gets stuck in a hole, try poking it through with a pin.

    Step 18

    finally, repeat the process with 3 snowflakes and blue foil.

    Step 19

    Finished luminaries.

    Step 20

    luminaries with candles in them.

    Step 21

    i hope you enjoyed this project. you can get more great project ideas by visiting the GRAFIX website and blog you can find me on my blog