How to Make Small Stuffed Wrap Rolls

by Annewil S


  • Wraps
  • Cheese spread with herbs
  • Chicken breast/ham/salmon
  • Cucumber/salad
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Lay one wrap on a flat surface.

    Step 2

    Put a thick layer of the cheese spread on the wrap, make sure you divide it equally.

    Step 3

    Put the chicken breast on the wrap. The wrap doesn't have to be completely covered. For this step you could as well use ham or salmon.

    Step 4

    Put thin slices of cucumber on the wrap. Make sure they're not too thick!

    Step 5

    Instead of cucumber, you could also use any kind of lettuce.

    Step 6

    This is the most important part: roll the wrap as tight as possible.

    Step 7

    Divide the roll in small sections and pin them.

    Step 8

    The result! They're really easy to make, but perfect for a party or something. My experience is that everyone loves them!