How to Make Rocker Mix N Match Nails

by Waverly VDH


Step 1

first paint nails with a nude or white base

Step 2

on your thumb, paint a line vertically on your nails

Step 3

then add some diagonal lines going towards the end of your nail

Step 4

take some nail gems

Step 5

I'm using the gold diamonds

Step 6

place it on the middle of your index finger

Step 7

and quickly add a top coat to ensure it'll stay

Step 8

take a dotting tool or the end of a bobby pin

Step 9

paint dots in an S shape to start. I do this because it scatters them equally

Step 10

then just add dots around it

Step 11

add a gradient gold glitter on your ring finger

Step 12

on your pinky do a vertical line

Step 13

then add a horizontal line

Step 14

OPTIONAL: add a thin coat of clear on the ones with the black accents

Step 15

then add a matte top coat

Step 16

all done!

Step 17

thanks for checking out my guide!! THANK YOU SO MUCHFOR 200 FOLLOWERS AAAH! x