How to Make Rejuvenating Beef Stew

by Angie Krebs

Amazing beef stew with a lot of different veggies and spices! Tastes great! Inspired by The Hunger Games!


  • Journal
  • Gelatos
  • Clear and white gesso
  • Whipped spackle
  • Stencil
  • Pitt artist pen
  • Water brush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Begin by coating your pages with clear gesso

    Step 2

    Apply whipped spackle through your stencil

    Step 3

    Keep moving the stencil to your liking

    Step 4

    Cover most of it with white gesso

    Step 5

    See how you can still see the stencil relief!

    Step 6

    I chose my palette according to the illustration I would use. Now you're ready to scribble firstly and then using a wet brush blend

    Step 7

    Gelatos really blend we'll seamlessly into each other

    Step 8

    Afterward I used a stronger colored gelato to lightly apply over the relief work and pull it forward. The white splatters are white gesso done with a brush

    Step 9

    Apply your image

    Step 10

    You can choose to use a black pen to go over the stenciled work

    Step 11

    To see the finished page visit my blog