How to Make Rainbow Jello

by Anna Rocha

Delicious and beautiful jello desert for all your family!!


  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple jell-o
  • 1 Coconut milk
  • 1 Condensed milk
  • Cake pan with a hole in the middle
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This delicious desert it's super easy to make, but it takes 10/15 minutes per layer, so you need some free time. But, believe me, you won't regret!! It's truly yummy!!!

    Step 2


    Step 3

    Mix the condensed milk and the coconut milk in a bowl. Set aside.

    Step 4

    Grease the cake pan. Measure 5 fl oz of boiling water and pour it onto the red jello. Mix it until it's fully dissolved. Then, mix it with 5 fl oz of cold water.

    Step 5

    Tip: Dissolve the jello in a measuring cup. That will help you to measure the right amount per layer plus it's easier to pour it slowly into the cake pan.

    Step 6

    Dissolved jello

    Step 7

    Pour HALF of it into the cake pan

    Step 8

    Put it in the freezer and set the timer for 10 minutes. (Try not to leave it more or less than that. Less it's not gonna be hard enough and more the layers are not gonna stick together)

    Step 9

    With the other half of the red jello, mix 4 spoons of the condensed/coconut milk mixture.

    Step 10

    After the 10 minutes, take the pan out of the freezer and pour the "dull" red jello on the top of the shiny one. VERY CAREFULLY, so it doesn't make a hole on the bottom layer.

    Step 11

    Set the timer for 15 minutes this time and put it in the freezer.

    Step 12

    Do the same thing with the orange. Always leaving the shiny part for 10 minutes in the freezer and the dull part for 15.

    Step 13

    Then do it with the yellow

    Step 14

    Then with the green

    Step 15

    Then with the blue.

    Step 16

    And then with the purple. After leaving the last layer for 15 minutes in the freezer, put it in the fridge and leave it for at least 4 hours before unmold it.

    Step 17

    To unmold: Dip the pan just to the rim in the warm water for 10 sec. Put a plate on top of the pan. Then invert plate and pan together. Lift off mold carefully. Repeat the step if necessary.

    Step 18


    Step 19

    Look how beautiful it looks when you cut it!!