How to Make Quick/easy Halloween Decorations

by Csir Em

For under $5 dollars you can decorate your door,wall,windows for Halloween or any other holiday. Just imagine, create and do.


Step 1

This is the supplies you need. Cardboard from Dollar tree/ 99cent store. Double sided tape/regular tape can be used or glue for some areas

Step 2

Draw your bats

Step 3

Make different sizes

Step 4

Small bat

Step 5

Cut them out with x-acto knife. Please always be careful when using sharp objects

Step 6

Here are the cut outs we'll use

Step 7

Now for the moon. Just find any round object to trace. Just make sure you get right size for the area you'll be decorating

Step 8

Trace it

Step 9


Step 10

Cut out

Step 11

Place bats to create your scenery

Step 12

I used left over cardboard to create clouds. Well I tried to create clouds

Step 13

Cloud shape to be cut

Step 14

All the cut outs. Now just finish up your scenery

Step 15

Now just tape pieces together. As mentioned here you can use tape or glue

Step 16

All pieces taped up

Step 17

Make sure to clean area so pieces can stick better. I don't suggest using glue here🚫

Step 18

Start creating scene.

Step 19

This is my final quick end results. Not bad huh? Thank you for watching and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all πŸ’€πŸ‘€