How to Make Protein Cheesecake

by Kitchen Baharat

Guilt-free cheesecake for all of you sweet-tooth people! Packed with protein and perfect for a post-workout snack!


Step 1

Go to the App Store!

Step 2

Search: “Emoji”

Step 3

Download whatever one you want! You can either buy one for .99¢ or just get the free one!

Step 4

Install App!

Step 5

Open the app!

Step 6

Press: “Ok, lets do this!”

Step 7


Step 8

This Emoji comes with directions...but not all do!

Step 9

Go to “Settings”

Step 10

Click on “General”

Step 11

Scroll down to “Keyboard”

Step 12

Click on “Keyboard”

Step 13

Click on “International Keyboards”

Step 14

Click on “Add New Keyboard...”

Step 15

Select “Emoji”

Step 16

Now “Emoji” is on your keyboard!

Step 17

Note: You may need to turn off your device and back on after everything is done!

Step 18

To go and type with Emojis, click on the globe like icon!

Step 19

Step 20

Now you have 460+ Emoji icons! 😱

Step 21

Step 22