How to Make Potato Chips in the Microwave

by Natasha (:

Chips are delicious but full of chemicals. Homemade ones are usually fried, which isn't good either. These are microwaved and super easy. But the best part is... THEY ARE DELICIOUS!


Step 1

Start with a potato (or more, these finish fast!).

Step 2

Peel it.

Step 3

Using the peeler, make as thin slices as you can and submerge in water so they don't oxidize.

Step 4

Get some oil in a bowl. I added pepper in here, but the brush I used didn't pick up the pepper so I had to add it later.

Step 5

Lightly coat the microwaveable plate with oil.

Step 6

Take the slices out of the bowl, dry on a paper towel, place on plate, and lightly cover the tops with oil. NOW, is the best time to put salt and pepper on them.

Step 7

Put in the microwave for a minute on high and flip the chips (Be careful, they are hot. Use two forks if necessary.). Repeat.

Step 8

Once they turn a yellowish color and shrink noticeably, reduce the time to 45 seconds.

Step 9

When you can see they are slightly crunchy, reduce time to 30 seconds.

Step 10

If you slightly burn them, it's okay! Put them in a bowl where all the finished chips are. Reduce the time. Once all your chips are as crunchy as you like them, put them in a bowl.

Step 11

Yumm! Since I didn't put the salt or pepper on before, I'll add it now.

Step 12

These taste just like real chips.. Except better! They aren't fried, so they are healthier too! They taste best fresh, but if you store them overnight, warm for 15 seconds before eating. Have fun!